How To Do Your Make Up If You Wear Glasses

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Most of us think that if we wear glasses, it’s okay to not wear make up. I am so guilty of this, but it’s definitely not true. We try to hide behind those big frames in hopes that no one will notice the lack of make up. Here are a few tips to help create a fabulous look for all you glasses wearers.


Start with your regular foundation and apply over your face. Do your regular routine. Make sure you hide those dark circles under your eyes. This will be important. Depending on your prescription, your glasses can enhance the look of dark circles, fine lines and wrinkles.

Eye Brows:

Start with your eye brows first. They can change the look of your eye make up. Use an eye brow brush and brush your eye brows up and out. (see the YouTube video). You can use eye shadow, eye pencil, or mascara to darken your eyebrows. This will help your eye brows look fuller and darker. You may be able to use less eye make up! Remember, your eyebrows are sisters not twins. They do not have to be identical.

Eye Shadow:

Base the entire lid with a fluffy shadow brush. Remember it’s easier to add shadow then take it away.

For the crease: Pull shadow more upward if you have a sagging or hanging lid. Go above the lid. For everyone else use the crease to add color. Bring down into the lash line. Dark colors deepen your eyes. Use an angle brush to blend into lashes and under eyes. Make sure you blend you shadows. It can make a huge difference.

how to


Put your glasses on and smile. Make sure you add your blush below the frame of the glasses and make a “C” shape. You don’t want to have blush under your lenses. You also don’t want your blush color to match your frames.


Curl your lashes so your lashes do not touch your lenses. If you smudge your shadow into your lash line this will help darken your lashes without using tons of mascara. You can also wiggle your mascara wand at the base of your lashes. When you pull the wand upward to the end make sure you go light and not heavy. Wiggle and pull through.


Do a BOLD lip. Balance your face with a bold lip. If you don’t wear a bold lip all the attention is shifted toward your glasses. Lip color will balance everything.