How To Turn A $3 Yard Sale Chair Into A Chair You Love

We have all gone to yard sales and garage sales and seen furniture and thought, “Hey, I can do something with that.” You buy it, get it home and it sits in your garage for years. Sometimes you even sale it in your own garage sale. Not anymore! Turn that yard sale furniture into something you love. Here are the supplies you need:

  1. Cheap Yard Sale Chair

2. General Finishes Driftwood Milk Paint

3. General Finishes Pitch Black Glaze Effects

4.  Sand Paper or Sander

5. Poly Foam Brushes

6.Clean rag or cloth

My $3 Chair


I was in search for a new desk chair. I inherited an old desk, but I needed a chair. I found this little gem at a yard sale. It needed a little TLC. To be honest, it sat in my bedroom for 8 months!

First thing you want to do is clean off all the dust. I used water and denatured alcohol to wipe down the chair. You can use a damp cloth. It’s up to you. Take your sand paper and go over the whole chair. If you want to start fresh you can use a lower grit to remove the paint. I wanted to do it the easy way so I used a high grit just to smooth out the ruff areas. Once I sanded, I wiped it down again. You can sand first then clean if you would like. My chair was really dusty.


Now you are ready to paint! Take your poly brush and Milk paint and start painting! I used a 4 inch brush. Looking back, I would have used a smaller brush to get between the tough areas. Milk paint is great! It can be used as an interior or exterior paint. It’s great on cabinets. You can paint over paint and scratches and it looks like it was never there.


I applied two coats of milk paint. One coat may not be enough. If your first coat is streaky don’t worry! Apply another coat. Poly brushes are great and do not leave streaks! Wait and apply the second coat after the first one dries.

Here comes the fun part! I wanted to add a little something extra to my chair. The GF Pitch Black Glaze adds a great finish. Let your chair dry before you apply the glaze.


To achieve this look, Apply the Pitch Black Glaze on top of the paint. Do this a section at a time. The more you apply the darker effect you get. Wipe the glaze off with a clean cloth. To create a more streaky effect, use a bristle brush. Repeat as needed.


General Finishes Glazes can be used over any color milk paint!


Make sure you wear gloves! Good news! Milk paint and glaze is water based! Just clean with soap and water!

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