Top 6 lipsticks for the Holidays

Lipstick can make your outfit especially for the Holidays! What colors do you think of when you think about Christmas and New Years? Of course, the first color that comes to mind is red! Red is bold and beautiful, but some people just can’t pull it off.  Here is my top 6.

  1. FlyGirl: Rich, Deep, Warm Cherry with a Matte Finish

    Fly Girl LipSense


  2. B.Ruby: Satin Burgundy with a hint of Purple

    B Ruby LipSense


  3. Blu-Red: Cool Bright, Fire-Engine Red with Matte Finish

    Blue Red LipSense


  4. Purple-Regin: Cool Electric Matte Pinkish Purple

    Purple Reign LipSense


  5. Plum: Cool Velvety Dark Burgundy

    Plum LipSense


  6. Mulled Wine: Rich Deep-Berry with a Matte Finish

    Mulled Wine


Each of these colors need to be sealed with a gloss. Why? They can last up to 18 hours!! Never apply the color again during the day. All you need is gloss! Gloss before you eat and gloss after you eat! Here are my top glosses to pair!

  1. Glossy Gloss: Most moisturizing gloss

    Glossy Gloss


  2. Gold Glitter Gloss: Gold Glitter within the gloss (creates an great holiday look)

    Gold Glitter Gloss


  3. Silver Glitter Gloss: Silver Glitter within the gloss

    Silver Glitter Gloss


  4. Rose Gloss: hint of rose color

    Rose Gloss


  5. Matte Gloss: gives your color a matte finish ( needs to be worn over glossy gloss because it’s least moisturizing)

    Matte Gloss


  6. Opal Gloss:gives color a purple iridescent shine (my favorite)

    Opal Gloss





These colors and this product is amazing! I can’t say enough about them! For more information or if you would like to be added to a newsletter submit your information below.

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