What’s The Best Hair Product for You?

I have always been on the search for the best hair products. My hair is naturally wavy and frizzy. I need a product that will help combat the two. Four years ago, I came across the brand Oribe. I was at a salon in California, and my stylist used this product. I was sold the first time. I had never heard of this product before until then. It’s great for curling your hair, or using the flat iron. The ORIBE Soft Lacquer Heat Styling Hair Spray  is like gold.

I won’t lie…I have had this same bottle for 4 years. I don’t use it everyday, but you definitely can. I chose not to because at the time it was $50+. Don’t worry, it’s significantly less than that.

How I use this product:

  1.  Add what ever product you use for your hair and dry as normal.
  2. Once your hair is dry spray the Oribe on sections of your hair and let dry.

It WILL feel sticky at first, but once heat is applied from your curling iron                             or straightening iron it will feel silky smooth and it smells amazing!

3. Style your hair as normal. Spray each section with the hair spray.


From the Manufacturer:

This high-gloss, flexible finishing spray delivers a patent sheen with the softest touch. The perfect polished top coat; it can be left untouched for a lacquer finish, gently mussed for light texture and shine, or used with hot irons for sealed-in shimmer.

How To Use:

For a glossy set, spray on dry hair in sections and use a curling iron. For a sleek, straight style, spray on dry hair in sections and use a flat iron. For a strong, starched, lacquer finish, spray, leave untouched and air dry (for a while) or apply heat and let cool.


High-gloss heat-styling spray with thermal protection.

Flexible hold with incredible memory.



You cannot go wrong with this product. Even though I have wavy hair, my hair does not hold curl. This product works. I go to bed and I wake up…hair still curly! LOVE IT and you will too!




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