My Favorite Hair Tool of the Season!

My hair isn’t the best! Some say, “I wish I had hair like yours”. No you don’t! If I let my hair air dry, it’s half curly and half straight! I had a friend in college that had the perfect hair. She would get out of the shower, brush it, and some how it would be perfectly straight once it dried! Not fair! I usually dry my hair and use a round brush. Once it’s dry, I use a straightener. I hated getting dressed because it took so long to dry my hair. Now that I discovered this tool! The Revlon Salon One-Step Hair Dryer and Volumizer is greatest invention!

My hair usually looks like this if I don’t dry it!

It’s half curly and half straight! It almost feels like pine straw! You’ll only see my hair like this when I’m in a hurry!

So, this is what you do…

• I put my hair up in a towel for a few min while I drink my coffee or decide on an outfit. It helps get all the excess moisture out!

• I put my hair products in my hair like normal then I divide my hair into three parts to make sure I’m getting my hair dry all the way through.

• Basically you are going to dry your hair just like you are combing it!! Simple as that!!

See how straight my hair is getting? Since my hair is curly, my bottom layers would always be curly and I had an awkward wave in the back! Not anymore!

Look how smooth my hair is…

And that volume!!! Wow!!

I’m picky about my hair and I’m telling y’all…this is the greatest tool invented!! My straightener is gathering dust right now under my sink!!


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